Project Manager – Construction


Job Description:

This is a full-time position that includes full management of an IMEDCO project beginning with notification that project has been awarded to the company and ending with final turnover of the project to the customer, excluding customer price-related related issues.


Job Training / Introductory Period:

  • IMEDCO has determined that the most efficient way to become familiar with our product offering is to work with installation crews to complete 3-5 installations. Ideally two projects will be completed as soon as possible in the new position.
  • The average installation will require 2 weeks, and may require staying onsite through the weekend.. After the first two installations are completed, time will be shared between installation training and office training until it is determined that sufficient product knowledge has been gained. This is anticipated to require between 3 and 5 installations.
  • The first three months of employment will be considered a probationary period. After three months, if work during introductory period is satisfactory at the discretion of Sr. Project Manager or VP Operations, employment will continue on a permanent basis.


Job Responsibilities:

A. Manage projects and subprojects effectively with timely dissemination of critical information to internal IMEDCO personal and key project contacts, per Sr. Project Manager or VP Operation’s direction

  • Project Start Up (PSU) – Work with sales department to identify the key contacts, project scope, contract value and payment milestones
  • Internal Order Form (IOF) – Coordinate and finalize design parameters with customer and communicate via internal IMEDCO protocol to design/drafting department
  • Obtain customer approval of design prior to release of project to IMEDCO manufacturing
  • Follow communication protocol to ensure effective and efficient coordination of manufacturing details and project timetable with IMEDCO Design, Manufacturing and Procurement resources
  • Attend weekly production meeting
  • Notify Sr. Project Manager of any change in production or installation schedule
  • Convey and confirm customer compliance with IMEDCO siting requirements
  • Monitor site’s construction status to coordinate project and installation schedule including RF close and Certification requirements
  • Project Installation Requirements (PIR). Generate PIR document and coordinate with US installation manager pertinent project details to plan installation
  • Coordinate with Installation Manager resource scheduling, as required, to arrange installer availability and tool and test equipment delivery in accordance with project schedule
  • Arrange and/or attend project meetings on site between IMEDCO and customer representatives, as required (if included in project scope)
  • Arrange and/or attend project surveys on site between IMEDCO and customer representatives, as required.

B. Utilize internal IMEDCO resources to validate custom design parameters

  • RF Cage Design analysis performed by Design Department
  • Self-Supporting RF cage weight Analysis performed by Sr. Project Manager or VP Operation

C. Project Budget Analysis – Review with sales and installation on-going costs applied against project versus budget and identify any scope issues that were not included in original contract:

  • Maintain communication with Billing Department to insure on-time project billing
  • Generate Change Order CO for any design or installation costs which can be passed onto customer
  • Change Order must be approved by Sales Person
  • Change Orders issued to be followed up every two weeks until Change Order is accepted or rejected
  • Billing Department to be informed of change or contract value and updated project budget at time of CO acceptance
  • At project close, PM is to review Quickbooks Budget Analysis generated by Billing Department, and Manufacturing and Installation hours summary generated by respective departments and report findings to Sr. Project Manager.

D. Departmental Support – IMEDCO requires that all employees support Sales, as required, for Shows/Exhibits, and also support Installations as required for project close up and installations. Assist other departments as requested or as needed.

E. Safety Officer – This is a job responsibility currently included in the Project Manager role

  • Maintain IMEDCO’s safety program and OSHA reporting requirements.
  • Perform an annual review of IMEDCO safety program to include any new installation procedures.
  • Submit OSHA 300 forms annually to report work related accidents.
  • Coordinate and address other safety-related tasks as they occur or are identified.


Job Type: Full-time


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