Schedule is critical for all resource planning and IMEDCO America recognizes that delays will cause issues for everyone involved. Site conditions that are not in accordance with approved shop drawings/submittals are costly and therefore IMEDCO includes a site inspection prior to the shipment of materials and installation resources. This inspection includes a complete check of all pertinent site conditions and identifies those areas (floor flatness survey, dimensional check of framed opening, etc.) that may not be compliant to the approved submittals. These discrepancies are identified to the GC so they can be addressed and corrected prior to the start of the installation phase to avoid unwanted and “billable” delays.

Once the construction schedule approaches the shield delivery date, the logistics to arrange material delivery and the mobilization of the installation resources begin. It is in the project’s interest to choose a reasonable date, as far in advance as possible, and then stick to it. Slipping the start date of Phase 1 could have an impact on the availability of necessary IMEDCO technician resources and may result in delays to the entire project.

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