Once the design is reviewed and approved by the team members (architect, user, contractor and magnet vendor) and fabricated in the IMEDCO America factory resources, the next step is to coordinate the shipment to the site and begin the installation phase.

The IMEDCO installation team always includes a senior factory-trained technician who accepts the role of the company representative for this phase of the project and handles the on-site communication and coordination with others. Whether he manages a fellow IMEDCO technician or local non-union or union resources, he is responsible for completing the install by following a controlled, methodical protocol that assures the shield package will perform as designed.

He is responsible for the safety of himself, his fellow installers and others. He is OSHA-certified (40 hours); equipment handling certified and has first aid training. He has a basic understanding of physics and knows why a shield will or will not function as planned. He is capable of dealing with the challenges of handling magnetic shielding materials.

He is also certified in the use of testing equipment and will perform the two RF tests per the requirements of the contract and the magnet vendor test procedures.

Providing the site and customer with professional service and support is our trademark. You can expect it and you will get it. No exceptions.

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