MRI Shielding Is Not Just A Simple 6-Sided, One-Size-Fits-All Solution

When evaluating MRI shielding firms there are key areas of expertise you should look for.

Optimal MRI shielding design requires a clear understanding of existing or planned site conditions, user needs, and constructibility. It also requires experience that successfully addresses the physics of MRI equipment including radio-frequency interference, magnetic field containment and acoustic noise impact.

There is no replacement for the skills that only come with in-the-field experience: a track record of projects that maximize safety, functionality and the clinical environment.

Design A MRI Shielding Environment

Shielding Environment

Sophisticated imaging equipment can wreak havoc on the clinical environment if not properly shielded. The fundamental function of effective MRI shielding is the attenuation of radio-frequency interference – an expertly designed shield ensures the magnet functions as designed. MRI shielding should protect the equipment from ever-present radio wave interference sources including: radio, television, electrical power sources. Conversely, a knowledgable MRI shielding consultant will design the MRI suite to ensure critical external sources will operate properly and are not affected by the magnet’s radio signals.

Magnetic Safety

Magnetic fields in an MRI suite can be more than 1000 times more powerful than gravity. To adequately protect the MRI suite surroundings from this powerful energy, shielding must use proper metal types. The shielding must be safely supported to keep the gauss lines from entering areas the magnetic steel model were generated to protect. The magnet vendor’s shielding design must be designed and installed to achieve the results the model intended. IMEDCO modeling is state of the art and backed by the best warranties in the industry.

Design MRI Shielding Magnetic Safety
Design Shielding for MRI Noise

MRI Noise

The acoustic noise levels an MRI system generates can be as loud as a chain saw. It can have a serious negative effect on personnel, patients and staff, structure and productivity. An expert MRI shielding contractor will have a proven track record of designing and constructing reliable, integrated acoustic shielding solutions that mitigate such disturbances.

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