• Infographic: Successful MRI Installation

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    Successful MRI Installation Infographic
    Successful MRI Installation Infographic

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    You’ve painstakingly evaluated which MRI machine is right for you – be it an MRI upgrade, a refurbished MRI or a new MRI. And, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    The decisions you make now are just as critical to the success of your MRI imaging capabilities as the MRI machine you chose.

    Our infographic will help guide you on the path to a successful MRI installation from floor plans to MRI shield options and safety, just to name a few.

    Download our handy 8-Step infographic and refer to it as you plan your MRI installation or contact us today.

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  • Four Things to Look for in an MRI Shielding Contractor

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    If there’s any one driver inspiring MRI suite design today, it’s the patient experience. When you combine patient focus with traditional concerns (including MRI noise and MRI safety) it’s clear the relationship between the architect and RF shielding vendor can help make the experience less stressful for patients and clinicians.

    Following are 4 things you need to know before you hire an MRI shielding contractor.
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  • Looking for a Jam Session?

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    On December 6, 2016 • By

    Congratulations to Mike Krachon, IMEDCO’s Director Marketing & Sales. He participated in a drawing at the RSNA Conference in Chicago and won the acoustic guitar signed by music artist Darius Rucker.

    The IMEDCO team showcased many of our innovative products including our newest Pneumatic RF Door. It was a productive meeting with many existing clients and some we are looking forward to working with in the future.

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  • Hair Loss Concealer: Unusual MRI Artifacts and Ferromagnetic Detection Systems

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    Projectiles Aren’t Your Only Concern

    It has been well documented that ferromagnetic objects taken into the MRI suite can cause serious injury, time-consuming delays, and costly damage to your valuable imaging system. As part of all imaging department protocol, patients are asked a series of questions relating to medical history and the possible existence of ferrous implants or other embedded objects, such as permanent pacemakers, cochlear implants, or shell fragments.

    Another valid concern are cosmetics that can cause MRI artifacts and excessive heating or burns.

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  • MRI Noise: Put a Damper on It!

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    On October 18, 2016 • By

    Building a new MRI suite is a major undertaking. Many safety factors are involved:

    • Containment measures for the magnetic field
    • Protection of personnel and equipment (Ferrous Metal Detection devices)
    • Attenuation of radio-frequency disturbances to protect MRI Equipment
    • Ensure MRI equipment doesn’t interfere with exterior telecommunications and broadcasting stations.

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